“Dwell in possibility.”

~ Emily Dickinson

Joyce Magnin is the author of more than a dozen books, including the award-winning and the much loved Bright’s Pond series, the Harriet Beamer novels, Maybelle in Stitches (Quilts of Love Series) and three middle grade novels, Jelly Bean Summer, Carrying Mason and Cake-Love, Chickens and Taste of Peculiar which was awarded a Kirkus starred review.

Her debut novel, The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow (Bright’s Pond) was named one of the top five titles of 2009 by Library Journal and was a finalist for the Carol Award.


“Writing and story have always been a part of my life. I love to share my passion, my joy and my personal adventure.” ~ Joyce Magnin


Joyce is  a popular conference speaker and workshop leader. Please visit her SPEAKING page for more information. She is also a sought-after editor and mentor.

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The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators


Joyce has also worked as a teacher’s assistant and for a time her secret identity was Cafeteria Monitor. Her experience with children has been invaluable to her. She lives in Vancouver, WA with her son, Adam and their tiny dog, Minnie—because she’s so mini. Joyce loves to play RPGs, reading, cross-stitch and cream soda. Joyce has never eaten a scallop or visited Europe, although she would love the opportunity--to visit Europe, not eat a scallop.



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My Newest Release!

Readers will devour these brightly shining characters and enjoy details such as Joyce's fearlessness, Elaine's artistic vision, Dad's secret project in the basement, and Mom's green thumb. A vivid historical story with heart...A vivid historical story with heart. The Vietnam War creates a compelling backdrop for this engaging, poignant work" - School Library Journal

"When the unthinkable happens, no one can make things right in Joyce's life. Her best option? To run away. As she finds her voice and true freedom, her wit and unique view will make you LOL - well when you aren't crying." - Girls' Life Magazine

"Joyce is a well-drawn protagonist who never stops trying to make things right, and some readers will respond to her emotional turmoil of pain, sadness, and hope" - Booklist

"A smart, funny, heartfelt story about friendship, grief and sharing it all."

~ David P. Kirkpatrick - Former Production Chief,

Walt Disney Studios

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"A word is dead, when it is said, some say.

I say it just begins to live that day."

~ Emily Dickinson

My Story

This is me with my friend Lori. I'm the one in the saddle shoes.

My writing career started in the third grade at Westbrook Park Elementary School in Westbrook, Pennsylvania. My teacher, Mrs. Nichols asked us to write a story. While the rest of the class groaned at the assignment I felt energized. Maybe it was a creative spark or it also might have had something to do with my delight that the assignment had nothing to do with fractions. 


 I wrote about Martians from Mars who came to Earth to knock over Fort Knox and steal the gold. Apparently, Martians eat gold. Who knew? Mrs. Nichols liked my story so much she asked me to go from classroom to classroom and share it with the entire school. My knees buckled at the idea. But I had to do it—she was the teacher.  I stood outside the first classroom and shook like a leaf in storm. Back then I had a terrible problem with sweaty palms. My hands were pretty much wet all the time but when I was nervous it was Niagara Falls. But I held tight to my story and went to each classroom but also back then we wrote in pencil pretty much all the time. The combo of pencil and sweaty palms does not bode well. So by the time I made it back to my classroom the story was gone. All the words were smeared and I was left with nothing but a gray blur. I was devastated and cried—embarrassing myself even more.

But that was when Mrs. Nichols took me aside. She wiped my tears and spoke gently: “You have a gift for words.” It was at that moment I felt God’s presence as sure as any handshake or tap on the back. There was no doubt in my mind that I was a writer. I looked into Mrs. Nichols’ eyes and smiled.

When God gives you a gift there is no returning, or re-gifting allowed. Oh, it might take a while to get it completely unwrapped but when you do, prepare for blessings you never expected or imagined.

Mrs. Nichols listened to God’s nudge to tell me what was on her heart. My friends listened to God’s nudge to encourage. God never stopped nudging. I am so glad I listened to all of them. If you feel that nudge, that desire to put words on paper to tell a story then I say listen. Listen and follow. If it is meant to be. It will be.



Please visit the SPEAKING page for information

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