Joyce Magnin is the critically acclaimed author of eleven novels for adults and three middle grade novels--a fourth is on the way. Yes, they are like her children. Her debut novel, The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow was a Carol Award finalist and was named one of the top five novels of 2009 by Library Journal. All of Joyce's books have received wide critical acclaim including Cake--Love, Chickens and a Taste of Peculiar which received a Kirkus Star.

Joyce loves to teach writing and help new authors achieve their dreams of becoming published authors. Her gentle touch and encouraging manner make Joyce the perfect choice for folks just getting started and even the seasoned professional.



"I took Joyce’s writing course while I was working on my first book.  Her guidance and constructive critiques were absolutely wonderful, and I learned so much from her.  While I wrote my book, I would stop every now and then and ask myself, “What would Joyce say about this sentence/paragraph/scene?”  Then I would adjust it accordingly.  I landed a contract with that manuscript, and I am so thankful to Joyce for all that she taught me.”

By the way, when my book (Ana María Reyes Does Not Live in a Castle) comes out on October 2, check out the acknowledgments.

Hilda Burgos

Joyce Magnin is not only a wonderful writer, she is a gifted teacher and mentor. I met Joyce last year through a Children’s Writing class offered by Clark College.  The content and instruction were just what I needed to rekindle my passion for writing.  Her critique was helpful and timely and I felt as if she really cared about me and my story.  Joyce continues to be a great resource to me and I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a well-connected, honest, and experienced partner.

Sharon Asker – July 2018

Joyce Magnin taught me more in a week than I had learned in the past year as a whole! She is encouraging and has a knack for helping writers understand the more complex theories such as voice and core identity.  I look forward to her mentoring program and I can think of no one better to help me with this process!

Faith Weaver




Have a novel that needs renovating? I can help!











Book Proposal Critique: In-depth evaluation of book proposal, including query letter, synopsis, story outline [fiction] or chapter outline [non-fiction] and beginning chapters, not to exceed total of 40 pages double-spaced. FEE: $100

Starter Package: includes a line-by-line substantive critique of book proposal, synopsis, and up to 20,000 words of manuscript. Typically, this package is enough to give an overview of strengths/weaknesses of the project as a whole and its marketability. FEE: $200

The Whole Package includes:

1)an initial read-through of the manuscript, offering line-by-line commentary. For fiction, this would include pointing out plot holes, character and event inconsistencies, problems with setting and story structure, theme development, etc. For non-fiction, this would include evaluating readability, organization of material, prose quality, reader takeaway, and more.

2)a separate detailed analysis of the project as a whole, strengths and weaknesses, marketability and what remains necessary to bring manuscript to publishable stage.

3)a follow-up phone call (Skype) to discuss manuscript, address any questions raised, brainstorm next steps (optional, but an extra step clients have found invaluable; there is no additional charge).

Typically, a 50,000 word manuscript takes around 10 hours for The Whole Package evaluation (an easy

calculation for your manuscript is to approximate 5000 words per hour). What this does NOT include is actually rewriting the book for the author [see Copy Editing below]. FEE:  $40 an hour


Copy Editing: The level and cost of copy editing depends entirely on how print-ready your manuscript already is. 

FEE: $40 an hour for all copy-editing services.

Complete Rewrite/Ghost Write: An author may have a story or material they wish to convey without wanting to invest serious time in learning the writer’s craft. In this case, a complete collaboration with the author supplying core material and the editor providing the actual writing may be an effective alternative.


All editing changes will be done through the Microsoft Word Track Changes program or Google Docs, permitting the author to accept or reject any rewrites performed. An initial manuscript evaluation (see above) will help you determine which of these options is best for you.


Customized Editing: If you have an editing need not listed above, please contact us with your project, and we can put together a package designed specifically for your needs.


Project Mentoring

Many writers, especially those working on their first full-length manuscript for publication, find the back-and-forth of personal mentoring more profitable than a simple evaluation. Typically, project mentoring begins with one of the above packages, followed by a personal mentoring session by phone, going point by point through a manuscript and how the author can improve it. Rewrites can be sent back for perusal. This process can be a combination of rewrites, e-conference, and phone mentoring until the book is judged polished enough for submission. Total cost varies hugely depending on howmuch editing is needed and how much the author desires; the author can pull out at any time.  FEE: To be discussed. 



MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION: Do NOT submit a manuscript with initial inquiry. Electronic submission is always preferred. Double-space manuscript using 12-point Times New Roman font and standard 1inch margins on your computer. Send files as attached Word document or via Google Docs.


PAYMENT: Do NOT submit payment with initial query. Once project request has been processed, you will receive an invoice, which can be paid through check, money order, PayPal. PayPal is preferred.  Retainer must be deposited before work begins. If a project runs above $500 or alternative arrangements have been made, payment may be made in installments with work continued as balance is maintained in the client’s account.

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