I love to visit schools and homeschool settings and talk about the amazing world of books and writing. For me there is nothing more exciting than opening a new book and, as my favorite poet Emily Dickinson said, get "taken lands away."  What an honor it is for me to share my love for words and stories with young people and adults. We all need a little story time.

Here are some of the presentations I enjoy:

How Does a Book Get Written?
This workshop/presentation is fun because I get to share some of my writing journey and then explain the process from that first glimmer of an idea to that glorious day when the UPS driver drops a box of finished books on my doorstep.
Suggested Grades: 3-8

I will tailor my presentations to work with different classes. If teachers prefer something else, that's easy. I would love to speak on any writing related topics teachers choose.

Revision and Editing
This is a terrific workshop for upper elementary students who are just learning the importance of editing and revision. I always say that sometimes the real writing happens in revision. Students are always amazed to learn the revision and editing process that professional authors go through. I use examples from my own books to illustrate along the way. Sometimes the students come up with revision ideas I never even thought of. Pretty fun.
Suggested Grades: 3-8

I also like to allow time for Q&A and also to read from my own books.


Sweet and Sassy, Creepy, Crawly Character Kitchen

Kids love characters. In this workshop I explore my methods for creating memorable characters. It is a hands-on workshop in which the students get to create a character from start to finish and usually we end up writing a complete story. All by asking questions. It's kind of a character kitchen. A little of this, a little of that, mix it all up and out comes a character or two.
Suggested Grades: K-6

Professional Development
I am also available to speak with teachers about the writing process. I call it Writing Tips from an Author Who Has Been Through the Trenches. We explore creative writing and how to get students to tap into their imaginations, as well as some useful guidelines for fiction.

Middle and High School
I am also available to speak to upper secondary grade students. I usually present a much more intensive workshop in which we delve a little deeper into what makes strong writing, a strong character and a strong plot. I like to teach the Hero's Journey paradigm for story as well as some of my own methods for creating dynamic stories.

Sometimes I can share my personal journey from being an at-risk kid to successful author with a focus on claiming our gifts and perseverance in the face of tough odds. Let's talk about making dreams come true.



Hi Ms. Magnin!

It was such an honor to meet you yesterday; and i found your story of how you became an author to be very inspirational! Thanks for all the tips and advice. I can’t wait till I am finished my novel and I hope to see it in print someday.

Thanks again,

Stephanie Fusco (Elementary Student)


Author Joyce Magnin's Sweet and Sassy, Creepy, Crawly Character Kitchen Funshop is a don't miss event!  Watch your children’s' imaginations float freely as her engaging questions draw out their creativity.  This interactive class gently leads elementary students down the path of the story by highlighting character development.  Joyce does this so well because she herself creates such quirky and fun characters in her book Cake.   If you've never met Wilma Sue, Ruth, Naomi, Penny and the chickens, make sure to stop by your local library for a copy.

Lori Friedgen-Veitch

Helen Kate Furness Free Library

Children and Youth Services

Having Joyce visit our kids was one of the highlights of our year. She had them gripped right from the start. They laughed, they learned, they participated. A school visit with Joyce Magnin is tops.

Exton Elementary School

School Visits

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