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The One Hundred Year Old Onion

August 5, 2018

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Why I Love to Mentor Writers

August 8, 2018


God made me two ways—a writer and a teacher. Yay God! I love both. Writing is hard. It’s solitary. There’s no one standing behind you saying, “Atta girl” Most likely all your mental illnesses are gathered around spewing not so encouraging words. Writing is so deeply personal, it makes us vulnerable to all manner of psychic beasties. Whatever your chosen category or genre, writing makes you vulnerable. It makes you question your very existence at times. It can be embarrassing and it can be the most incredible journey you will ever take. If you have the chops!  After publishing twelve novels and ghostwriting five or six others I think I can be safe to say I have the chops. Well I think I do. You see, even after all my publishing success I still approach each new project with the same trepidation, the same sense of impending failure and for the most part I completely forget how to write. Writing is hard. That’s why you should never go into that dark night of the soul alone. And that’s why I love to teach and to mentor. Writers need someone along for the ride who understands—most spouses do not. Most kids do not and besides you can’t trust them. You can trust me. I have seen my students go on to publication. I have seen them improve and get excited about their work. I have seen them enter and win contests and I have seen them grow in ways they weren’t expecting. I absolutely love it when a student succeeds. So, if you’re writing a book or a story and you think you could use a little guidance from a good teacher and a good writer (took me a long time to admit that) and a truly gentle soul then I might just be the mentor for you. I have openings right now I’d love to fill. So please get in touch.

Oh and here’s a couple of testimonials from students.


"I took Joyce’s writing course while I was working on my first book.  Her guidance and constructive critiques were absolutely wonderful, and I learned so much from her.  While I wrote my book, I would stop every now and then and ask myself, “What would Joyce say about this sentence/paragraph/scene?”  Then I would adjust it accordingly.  I landed a contract with that manuscript, and I am so thankful to Joyce for all that she taught me.”


By the way, when my book (Ana María Reyes Does Not Live in a Castle) comes out on October 2, check out the acknowledgments. ~ Hilda Burgos


Joyce Magnin taught me more in a week than I had learned in the past year as a whole! She is encouraging and has a knack for helping writers understand the more complex theories such as voice and core identity.  I look forward to her mentorship program and I can think of no one better to help me with this process! ~ Faith Weaver

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